4 Tech Stocks With Long-Term Relative Strength and Momentum

Guy Cerundolo

I ranked and reviewed the components of the Nasdaq 100 Index (NDX) vs. the equal-weighted NDX ETF (QQQE), and came up with three baskets of trading ideas.

They are core longs, emerging longs, and a bottom ranked list to avoid.

In today’s article, we are going to share 4 of our core long ideas (of 10) that have persistently had strong model scores.

These stocks are also outperforming the benchmark Nasdaq 100. 

Although I’m not sharing our emerging longs with this public post, it’s worth noting that these are stocks with improving scores and have either emerged from consolidation patterns or are about to breakout.

The stronger the “green” color on our analytics indicator, the stronger the positive change from the prior month.

4 of the top ten Nasdaq 100 stocks are shared here today: Amazon NASDAQ: AMZN, Apple NASDAQ: AAPL, Nvidia NASDAQ: NVDA, and Synopsis NASDAQ: SNPS

top 10 ranked tech stocks nasdaq 100 investing analysis july year 2020

Amazon Stock (AMZN) Long-Term Investing Analysis

amazon stock amazon strong bullish tech stock july year 2020 image

Apple Stock (AAPL) Long-Term Investing Analysis

apple stock aapl strong bullish tech stock momentum july year 2020

Nvidia Stock (NVDA) Long-Term Investing Analysis

nvidia nvda stock strong bullish trend tech stock july year 2020 image

Synopsis Stock (SNPS) Long-Term Investing Analysis

synopsis stock snaps strong bullish tech stock july year 2020 image

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