Top Trading Links: Market Bulls Call For Moar Steam!

The underlying bid for stocks continues on. The S&P 500 gained 0.5 percent last week as investors digested earnings.

One nice surprise for bulls is how well investors have received bank earnings. Whether that reaction holds or not remains to be seen, but the banks have been very strong in April.

Looking forward, the market will continue to battle a thick band of resistance. And it may take some time to chew through it.  On the S&P 500, that resistance starts around 2100 and runs up to all-time highs around 2130.

We are moving very quickly into the end of a seasonal period – will ‘Sell In May” come into play again this year?

Without further adieu, let’s get after it.  Here’s the best of the week that was in the week’s “Top Trading Links.”



How Stanley Druckenmiller is a money making machineMarket Wisdom

Five Tips for getting started in ETF investing David Fabian

U.S. Dollar Index is set to rallyJeff York

uup dollar etf chart rally


Trading edge vs trading edgeAdam H. Grimes

Why Silver should continue to shineTom Bruni

There’s no secret about what’s going on with this chart John Butcofski

Forward earnings estimates are actually backward looking – Jason Goepfert

earnings estimates chart jason goepfort


Barry Ritholtz interviews Tom Dorsey

Succeeding greatly by failing oftenBrett Steenbarger

Aswath Damodaran likes Valeant as a value investing idea. Chris Kimble sees a technical bounce setup in it as well



Here come unregulated GMOsAntonio Regalado

Twitter has momentum with teensGary Vaynerchuk

VC mega rounds slow to a crawlCB Insights

More CRISPR companies are looking to come publicAlex Lash

Argentina had a record setting bond saleBloomberg

Another problem with fast foodRoberto Ferdman

Housing prices in San Francisco fell for the first time in four yearAkin Oyedele

Apple’s organizational crossroadsBen Thompson


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