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Caution: XRT Underperformance Puts Retailers In Focus

There has been an interesting development in the S&P Retail Index (XRT) in recent weeks. Namely, it’s been severely underperforming the S&P 500. This is pretty important, because the XRT underperformance could be signaling a slowdown in consumer spending. And any slowdown in spending could effect far more than just the retailers comprising the XRT. For example, consumers may cut back on purchases of tablets which could have a ripple

Trading Ideas for the Week of January 7

By Alex Salomon Happy New Year to everyone!! It’s that time of the year when energy is flowing, so let’s take a look at some charts that appeal to me and offer up some ideas. Not advice, just sharing some trading ideas! Amazon.com (AMZN) The appeal is a break out above the multiple tops. When it happens (call it > $263) then the chart eventually opens up to $290. Just like