Why The Oil Service Sector Is Nearing A Countertrend Rally

oil services imageAs Crude Oil prices retest the 2015 lows, the Philadelphia Oil Service Sector (OSX) nears its own important price level – a 15 year trend support line. The Oil Service Sector is largely dependent on elevated (and stable) Crude Oil prices and has taken quite a tumble along with Oil.

Below are two charts that highlight why we may see a bounce in the Oil Service sector and select oil service stocks.

Looking at the charts below for reference, here are a few major takeaways:

  • On the Log Chart you can see that the Oil Service Sector is touching the long term trend line that was created from the all-time lows in 1998. The OSX briefly went thru it but appears to be finding support. A definitive close below this trend line on the monthly chart would be very bearish (in my opinion). That said, one would expect some support after 18 years.
  • Note we have completed, this month, the longest “time” correction during this period. This is represented by the blue triangles.
  • Along with the “time” component we have a Monthly bullish divergence on the 14 period Relative Strength Index (RSI) at the lower end of the range. It hasn’t been this low since 2009 and there was a noticeable bullish divergence as the index made new lows this month.

philadelphia oil service sector index chart 15 year trend line

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oil services sector osx index chart corrections 1999-2015

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