USDJPY Breaking Higher: Will Bond Yields Play Catch Up?

Dave Floyd

forex analysisTraders, I’d like to share an interesting inter-market relationship with you this morning. In the chart below, I’ve tracked the USDJPY vs the 10 Yield Treasury Yield (TNX). I think this chart could be quite insightful across asset classes as a whole.

Allow me to briefly offer my thoughts.

  • There is a pretty strong relationship between higher levels in 10-year rates and higher levels in USDJPY (and vice versa)
  • Currently, USDJPY is breaking higher – quite possibly a key bullish development
  • However, bond yields continue to fall while bond prices rise.

Only one market can be correct: Do the FX folks have it right or the bond folks?

Whatever the outcome, it should prove pivotal. I am bullish USDJPY and that would argue for higher rates/lower bond prices. That could be a negative for stocks, but typically lower stocks translates into lower USDJPY.

I know – a lot of cross currents – but that’s trading! Don’t over think it!

10-Year Yields vs USDJPY

usdjpy vs 10 year yields chart

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