Treasury Bonds (TLT) Reach The Buy Zone For Active Investors

Guy Cerundolo

Treasury bonds (NASDAQ: TLT) have been rising in a sideways to higher trend since the stock market bottomed in December.

This is interesting as bonds are rising with stocks as yields fall.

In any event, investors need to trade / invest in the trend. And my current short-term trend is still higher.

If we look at the chart of the iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond (TLT), you’ll see the rising trend channel that I am alluding too.

The lower line is the trend line. Currently, bond prices are testing this support line. This gives us an area to buy into with a good understanding of what our risk is. And we can use a stop to define this.

I think that a reversal higher is likely (80 percent) and any rally follow through should target our MFU-4 price target of 127.50 (minimum 126).

iShares 20+ Year US Treasury Bond (TLT)

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