Top Trading Links: The Market Silence Is Deafening

The market keeps getting tougher, particularly growth stocks, as the S&P 500 Index is still stuck under the major Fibonacci extension level. (chart via @andrewnyquist)

sp 500 major fibonacci level 2138 spx

Economic data has evidently peaked but we know there can be a significant lag between economic peaks and market peaks. We don’t know what’s next, we just know where and when our trades are wrong. So let’s study up!

Here’s the latest and greatest via this week’s Top Trading Links.

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Market Insights

A look at S&P 500 and sector valuations via @BBtompkins:

sp 500 index vs earnings growth chart_stock valuations 2000-2015

@ivanhoff analyzes Stan Druckenmiller’s approach to being a ‘pig’.

”The years that you start off with a large gain are the times that you should go for it”

@OptiontradinIQ is tracking the Dogs of the Dow method in 2015. Here’s his latest Dogs of the Dow update.

The biggest mistakes you will likely make also will be a lack of that courage when most needed via @TheKirkReport

@harmongreg shares a clear way to get long term perspective in the transports.

Maybe it is the ability to endure feeling like an idiot for a long time that distinguishes the world’s best investors.”  via @millenial_inv

Linda Raschke’s 12 Trading Rules via @SJosephBurns.

@jessefelder All of my greatest mistakes have been the result of not recognizing quickly enough the natural weakness that was at the root of the losing trade.”

@MktAnthropology shares some amazing currency analogs.

@JLyonsFundMgmt notes the long term trendline break in the NYSE Advance-Decline line.

@AndrewThrasher points out yet another divergence in stocks:

spx sp 500 stock market divergence with stocks hitting 52 week highs may 2015

After Wednesday’s rally, @ukarlewitz noted that days with strong selling pressure often see their lows get re-tested. It’s a great study for future reference


Happenings / Research


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