Top Trading Links: The Current State Of The Market

riding the bull marketIt was an amazing week in the markets. The market continues to punish the bad habits of Fed watchers and everyone who doesn’t follow price. The long dollar train is full of passengers, but Yellen suggests the Fed is more moderate and commodities are trading like the sellers are exhausted. Ironically, bad trading habits in biotech are being rewarded.

Lastly, it’s worth remembering if you’re hitting it big, you’ve got to work thrice as hard to maintain discipline!

Time to dig in and discuss the best of the best in this week’s Top Trading Links:

Market Insights

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  • Many factors including the incredibly strong dollar have knocked gold back down to multi year lows. It bounced where it should have this week. @andrewnyquist discusses the state of gold.
  • A used car salesman would have a tough time pitching long commodity related ideas these days. @bartscharts takes a look at the oil services sector as it tests key support.
  • @jessefelder discusses the great six year run in the market and looks at the previous times the market gained > 200% in 6 years.


Awesome Videos

  • @MrTopStep sat down with the ‘Pit Bull’ Marty Schwartz. Marty notes the most important question an inexperienced trader should ask themselves: ‘Am I craving the action or do I really want to win?’

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