Top Trading Links: Leadership, Seasonality, and Mental Toughness

bull market readingFinally the markets broke free of their dreaded ranges! This week’s price action was very strong and appears to be signaling a break out (pending follow through). We’ve seen some strong new leadership in stocks and that’s encouraging.

So what’s the best way to celebrate? Studying up. Here’s this week’s edition of Top Trading Links.

Market & Trading Insights

  • @AlmanacTrader looks at the huge potential upside in oil. As Jeff mentions, we’ve just entered the seasonally bullish period and sentiment is still so negative. It’s sinful to discount a potential further advance.
  • @steenbab composed this piece on mental toughness. It links to a lot of great reads and shares the reminder that the time we most need to be mentally tough is after a series of gains.


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Investing Insights

  • @awealthofcs shared a list of asset allocation intangibles. This post is intended for the average investor, but traders absolutely need to have reasonable expectations and know themselves.
  • shared a great piece on narratives. It’s incredibly hard to keep a balanced mind-set in the markets. That’s why See It Market’s slogan is tune out the noise!


Other News


Be sure to read past editions of Top Trading Links.  Thanks for reading! Have a great rest of the weekend!

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