TLT Update: Long Duration Treasury Bonds Deeply Oversold

Back in July, I issued a warning about the Treasury Bonds market nearing a major high. Specifically, I focused on the 20+ Year Treasury Bonds ETF (NASDAQ:TLT).

Here’s an excerpt from that post (after showing 145 as a major price target):

I try not to pay attention to outside fundamental/news items and just look at the charts and the PATTERNS.  Trade what you see, right?  I see some very stretched and parabolic fixed income assets ready to produce a rising rate environment.

After trading up to 143.62, Treasury Bonds traded sideways for a couple months before turning lower. The initial decline targeted 132 as a potential bounce level for $TLT… and another opportunity to go short the Treasury Bonds (and $TLT) after the bounce. BUT that never materialized and it has been straight down since…

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So where are we now?  Because the TLT uses 20+ year treasury bond maturities, we can take a look at the “long bond” 30+ year Treasury Bond continuous contract as a potential roadmap – or at least another bond chart to use as confirmation, etc.

As you can see, in the long-term bull market in bonds, we have never corrected more than the blue rectangle.  A little lower and a little more time we will have both the same price and time correction. The bond complex is deeply oversold, and it appears that a relief rally is in order.



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