Tips for Finding Free Ebooks

free ebooksBy Kelly Hodges
Whether it’s a Kindle, Nook, iPad, PC, or even a smart-phone, most people own an apparatus compatible with reading an eBook. The development of eBook and eReader technology has allowed for nearly instantaneous access to millions of books with the touch of a few buttons. Although publishers are saving on the cost of printing and distribution, this savings isn’t necessarily being passed on to consumers, which makes finding free ebooks a tough task. In fact, there are many eBooks that actually cost MORE than their paper counterparts. And this cost that can rapidly add up over time.

Luckily, there are some tricks for finding great eBooks that won’t cost a penny. Check out these strategies to locate some free eBooks that interest you. Then fire up your eReader and enjoy!

1.  Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  Depending on your eReader, head on over to Amazon (Kindle users) or Barnes and Noble (Nook users). In the search bar, instead of entering in a specific title or author, enter in “0.00.” This will give you a list of the hundreds of eBooks currently priced at $o.oo (free ebooks!). Browse through the titles or sort by topic to find what interests you. Make sure to check back often, as prices change frequently and some books may have promotional free offers lasting only hours or days.

2.  Project Gutenburg.  Project Gutenburg is a nonprofit organization that boasts of being the largest collection of free eBooks on the internet. Their mission is to encourage the creation and distribution of eBooks, and they have over 40,000 titles free to the public. With topics ranging from agriculture to witchcraft, there are sure to be plenty of titles that peak your interest among the virtual bookshelves.

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3.  Your Local Library.  Most public libraries now have an eBook lending program. Each program may differ slightly, but essentially you are “checking out” eBooks from the library to your eReader for temporary use. And then returning them to the library when you are finished. The program is linked to your normal library card and the lending occurs online. It doesn’t even involve you leaving your house! Check with your own library for the specifics, but this option will easily supply you with more free eBooks than you could ever have time to read.

If you are still thirsting for more after checking out these three options, head to the internet and search for “free eBooks.” There are pages and pages of helpful websites that are dedicated to finding sources of free eBooks. If you are interested in a certain genre throw that in the search as well to find sites specific for free sci-fi books, free history books, or free romance novels.

The development of eBooks and eReaders has generated a renewed excitement for reading among the masses, and studies show that owners of eReaders read 8 more books per year than their counterparts without that technology! Enjoy using your eReader and all the worlds you will explore on it, and use these strategies to save money on the books you read. Just remember to give your eyes a little break every once and a while.

Enjoy your free eBooks! Thanks for reading.

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