This One’s For You: 5 Things For Life

Often times it is hard to get a beat on the financial markets.  Emotions, news events, and reactions often play off one another to dictate market direction.  When a trend emerges, it can last for a long period of time.  In the end, though, complacency emerges and the market steps up and reminds us of its power.  After a market disruption, a period of volatility and reflection emerges, and the market either finds its footing or changes trend.

Similar patterning can be found in our daily lives.  Days, weeks, and even months often pass by before we stop to smell the roses.  In fact, sometimes it takes an event, or moment of reflection, to bring us back to reality and the heart of what matters most.  Focusing on what is good in our lives and what we can collectively do to contribute to our family, friends, and community isn’t always easy, especially during tough economic times.

But, life is more than a market analogy.  It is fast, furious, fun, emotional, and unabashedly real at times. With that, here are 5 things not to lose sight of in life:

1)     Family   Easier said than done, but try to separate the moving parts, and focus on those you love.  Make time to reach out and take an interest in their lives.

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2)     Faith   If not through spiritual or religious means, then have faith in yourself.   Don’t sell yourself short.

3)     Community   Giving back can be done through financial means, non-financial gift giving, or through personal time and effort.  We can all play a role in strengthening our communities.

4)     Personal Finances   Do not wait to save.  Think marathon.  Think future.  Start now.  Shear savings will build a strong nest egg that enables personal investments.

5)     Try to see both sides   Having a strong stance and being passionate on issues is what makes us great.  It drives us to accomplish our goals.  Just try not to forget the other side of issues, or life; it keeps us in check.  This also applies to investing… kudos to Todd Harrison.

Concepts are fun and feel good, but taking action on them is another animal.  Think big, act now.


This piece was inspired by and written for my 87 year old grandfather, who is currently dealing with multiple health issues… but has a stubbornly strong heart.  I love you “buddy.”

Author’s Note:  My Grandfather passed away on April 25, 2011.



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