Social Media Stocks Sector Analysis: FB, TWTR, LNKD, IACI, WB

In this post I want to take an intermediate-term and longer-term look at the charts of five social media stocks. The first three that I will look at are household names that you hear about ton a dailybasis (and probably use on personal level as well): Facebook (FB), Twitter (TWTR), and LinkedIn (LNKD). But stocks like IAC/InterActiveCorp (IACI) and Weibo (WB) are smaller companies in the sector that are worth paying attention to – both social media stocks have big growth potential.

IACI is the $6B owner of dating sites like Match, OkCupid, and Tinder. They also operate in search via, Ask,, and Investopedia. As well, they own the popular video-sharing subscription service called Vimeo.

Then there is Weibo, a $3B Beijing based company that was spun off from Sina in April of 2014 (they still have a majority stake), which is similar to a Twitter with its 140-character limit, @ usernames, and hashtags. WB is growing revenue by about 40% annually ($650M projected in 2016) and is starting to turn a profit. The larger and more diversified IACI trades at just under 2x sales (the cheapest of these five) and continues to post double digit earnings growth each year.

Okay, let’s dig into these social media stocks by looking at their daily and weekly charts.

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Facebook (FB) Daily Stock Chart

facebook stock fb chart with support levels june 2 2015

Facebook (FB) Weekly Stock Chart

facebook fb social media stocks long term chart analysis june 2 2015

Twitter (TWTR) Daily Stock Chart

twitter stock twtr daily chart technical support june 2 2015

Twitter (TWTR) Weekly Stock Chart

twitter social media stocks twtr long term chart analysis

LinkedIn (LNKD) Daily Stock Chart

linkedin social media stocks chart analysis june 2 2015

LinkedIn (LNKD) Weekly Stock Chart

linkedin lnkd stock chart long term analysis

IAC InterActiveCorp (IACI) Daily Stock Chart

iaci chart social media stocks to watch 2015

IAC InterActiveCorp (IACI) Weekly Stock Chart

iaci long term stock chart analysis june 2 2015

Weibo (WB) Daily Stock Chart

wb stock chart social media stocks to watch weibo 2015

Weibo (WB) Weekly Stock Chart

weibo wb long term stock chart analysis june 2 2015


Thanks for reading and keep an eye on these social media stocks in the weeks ahead.


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