Russian ETF (RSX) Attempts To Rise From The Ashes

The crisis in Russia has played in many ways and effected many assets: Crude Oil, the Ruble, and the Russian ETF (RSX). But when a ball is held under water too long (i.e. too many shorts), that ball can rise quite quickly… even if it is just a short-covering relief rally.

Check out the chart of the Russian ETF (RSX) below. It rallied 6.98% today, over 3 times the gains in the US equity indexes (whoa!). The deep hammer candle in mid-December was a sign of panic and likely offered some fuel to the recent rally.

Note that it also posted a near 20 RSI on the weekly chart below which highlights this deep stress. The breakdown occurred from around the $20 per share area – although that may be a stretch near-term, it does highlight how much room RSX has to rally if it sees follow through buying (and/or short covering) over the coming weeks.

RSX – Weekly Chart

russian etf rsx rally january 2015


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