Nvidia and Semiconductors ETF: Beware of Bearish Engulfing Patterns!

Nvidia (NVDA) has significantly outperformed the S&P 500 in 2024, up about 77% year-to-date through last Friday vs. the S&P 500 which was up only 8%. But by the end of last week, NVDA dropped the infamous “bearish engulfing pattern”, suggesting short-term distribution and a bearish setup into this week.  

This two-bar reversal pattern, which signaled not only for Nvidia but for the Semiconductor ETF (SMH) as well, indicates a shift in short-term momentum.

Strong selling pressure after a higher open “engulfs” the range of the previous day, indicating an influx of profit taking and/or an exhaustion of buyers.

In either case, it usually suggests further price deterioration in the days to come.

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In today’s video, we’ll break down the bearish engulfing pattern, how to identify downside targets assuming a further decline, and which levels may give an “all clear” and a potential return to a bullish uptrend.

  • What does the bullish engulfing pattern tell us about a shift in price momentum, and what does that mean for NVDA?
  • Why does a prevalence of bearish engulfing patterns last week indicate a potential broader decline through the month of March?
  • How can we use the pattern itself to manage risk in case of a whipsaw?

[Video] Nvidia (NVDA) and Semiconductors (SMH) Bearish Reversals?

$NVDA Nvidia Stock Price Reversal Chart

nvda stock nvidia price candles reversal chart

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