Goldman Sachs Stock (GS): Why $230 May Be A Brick Wall

One could argue Goldman Sachs (GS) is one of the most important financial institutions on the planet for a myriad of reasons. So, writing about a potential SELL PATTERN that is present is probably not well advised. Well, as a pure play pattern recognition chartist, here’s the SELL PATTERN present on Goldman Sachs Stock.

Note, we are finding resistance at the .786 retracement from the old all-time highs most recently. This could trigger a pullback over the near-term. But if you look a little higher you will see a bunch of other numbers that come into play as well (offering additional resistance). I’m inclined to watch that convergence area for pattern completion (around 223-231).

Goldman Sachs Stock Chart 2000-2015 (monthly bars)

goldman sachs gs stock chart 2000-2015 price analysis

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GS Square Of 9

square of 9 goldman sachs stock gs

Goldman Sachs Stock Charts – Weekly Bars With Square Of 9 Price Targets

goldman sachs stock chart square of 9 price targets


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