Gold Setting Up For A Big Breakout Test?

Andrew Nyquist

In late April, I wrote a piece of research on Gold and its prospects for a short-term rally.

That was a short-term analysis that hinged on Gold’s breakout over its downtrend line. It did just that.

Here’s an excerpt (note Gold = $GLD ETF) – Gold prices are in a near-term downtrend. There’s a “very short-term” trading wedge that, if broken to the upside, would be constructive (see chart). There’s also a slightly wider lens short-term wedge that has $118 as support and $123 as resistance.

It took GLD a few more weeks of back and forth within the falling wedge, but eventually Gold surged over resistance. This brings us to today and the prospects for a wider lens, longer-term breakout…

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$GLD Gold “weekly” Chart

Gold (GLD) recently surged up to test the February highs around $127. That is now our short-term resistance. Should GLD trade over $127, then the BIG level of $130 comes into play.

That is the battle that everyone wants to see. It’s the bull-bear line in the sand – a 3 year price resistance line. This is the equivalent of $1375 Gold futures. If we get there… it will be important to watch.

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