Gold ETF (GLD): Watch Rising 40-Week Moving Average

Gold remains elevated but is having trouble getting traction with its recent rally attempt.

With a crazy political environment, domestic inflation, and war abroad, one would think that this is an environment ripe for gold to flourish.

It’s trading just off its highs… but it’s failed to breakout on a few occasions. And looking at the intermediate term “weekly” chart, it seems to be in no-man’s land. Not bearish, not bullish. Simply waiting for action. See chart below.

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$GLD Gold ETF “weekly” Chart

As you can see, GLD has a non-flashy relative strength rating of 51. That said, it’s 40-week moving average is rising and should act as support. Perhaps they converge as momentum bottoms. This is what gold bulls are hoping for. But for now, GLD is simply trading in neutral no-man’s land on the “weekly” chart.

gold etf price trading analysis chart image

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