Gold Ends Higher: Will GLD Reversal Set Up A Tradable Rally?

Gold futures dropped sharply this morning, hitting a low of 1197 and taking the Gold ETF (GLD) down with it. In the process, GLD broke through a backtest support line. By all accounts, this looked like a continuation day to the downside. BUT, something interesting happened: there was a big GLD reversal. And this reversal could setup a tradable rally.

So what set up this GLD reversal and what do we make of it? Well, since topping on January 22nd, GLD had fallen 8.4% (intraday highs to lows), so it was a bit extended. As mentioned above (and seen below), GLD fell through its backtest support and into its near-term uptrend line (final and critical support). This overextension also caused some trading longs to throw in the towel (capitulate), setting up GLD’s intraday reversal – this shows up in the “stem” of the candle.

It’s important to note that this is a very short-term setup that requires follow through back above the yellow line (prior support) to trigger; although visible, the reversal was just 1.3%. It is also embedded within a multi-week pullback, so Gold still has a lot to prove here. Potential upside GLD targets would be 117.98 (gap-fill) and 119.50 (the beginning of the island gap area. The next area to watch is the multi-day island gap reversal. This gap represents strong resistance.

GOLD (GLD) Daily Chart

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gld reversal could setup a rally gold


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