Global Financial Markets, In Pictures

stock market bullBy Andrew Nyquist     It doesn’t take 20-20 vision to see that the U.S. stock market is off to a good start in 2013. Similar to last year, the U.S. equity markets came out of the gates kicking up dirt and racing for higher ground. More impressive, the U.S. markets have done this in the face of choppy global financial markets.

Each and every dip has been bought, and with each tick higher, a few more bears capitulate. Yes, the rally is long in the tooth, and yes, “Sell in May” seasonality is nearing, but the market’s historic run to new all-time highs deserves our respect.

With that said, let’s take a year-to-date look across the global financial markets, in pictures… starting with the U.S. equity indices.

S&P 500

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S&P 500 Chart, global financial markets

Dow Jones Industrials

dow jones industrials chart, global financial markets

Nasdaq Composite

nasdaq chart, global financial markets

Russell 2000

russell 2000, global financial markets

A quick look at Treasuries…

10 Year US Treasury Note

10 year us treasury chart_2013

Now, let’s look at some relevant Global Equity Indices.

Nikkei Average (Japan)

nikkei chart, global financial markets

DAX (Germany)

dax chart, global financial markets

Hang Seng Index (China)

hang seng chart, global financial markets

Bombay Stock Exchange 30 (India)

india stock market chart, global financial markets

Time for a look at Commodities performance in 2013.

Gold (spot price)

gold price drop, april 12 2013


Silver (spot price)

silver price drop, april 12

Light Crude Oil (spot price)

Oil Price Chart_April 2013

Natural Gas (spot price)

Natural Gas Price Chart_April 2013

Corn (spot price)

Corn price chart_April 2013

Finally, let’s take a look across a few global currencies.

U.S. Dollar

us dollar chart, global financial markets


Euro Chart_April 2013

Japanese Yen

yen currency chart, global financial markets

Invest smart, stay disciplined.

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