Giving Out Some Love for V Day

By Andrew Nyquist
Valentine’s Day isn’t my favorite holiday. In fact, sometimes I think it’s a bit cheesy. But, no worries, I’m not a party pooper this year. That’s right, I’m going to turn it on it’s head and bring the cheese. No trading nor investment ideas. And no S&P 500 microscope… Just pure velveeta. I ask you to grant me a pass for this year only.

You see, I have a bit more to be fortunate for than the average year. And little of this has to do with dollars and cents.  In September, I fulfilled a dream with the launch of See It Market. I put together a cast of great people (and writers) to support me with this – thank you Josh, Kelly and Paul! The site has allowed me to give back where I can and feel “whole” about delivering a positive message on markets, investing, and getting your fiscal house in order. I’ve met countless new friends and interacted with many readers/investors. For this I am grateful and I thank you all for your support and look forward to our daily conversation.

But, sorry, you’re all runners up this year. My true Valentine goes out to my family. To my wife who has done nothing but support and encourage me the whole way through this journey- truly the best of the best. And to my 3 kids that laugh at all my bad jokes and always bring me back to that which matters most… the Saturday morning dance party;)  Bring it on! Happy Valentine’s day fam.

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