Forex Trading Analysis: US Dollar Pairs In Focus

forex tradingHere’s a quick update on the Forex trading environment. The price action in the dollar based pairs suggests that some further consolidation/corrective action is underway.

I think this will present us with trading opportunities in USD/JPY, USD/SGD (longs) as well as shorts in EUR/GBP

Note:  the Intra-Day FX Forecast highlights price direction and likely price targets/stops designed for traders looking at Forex trading opportunities over the next several hours. These are not official trade recommendations, merely guidelines and forecasts

North American Short-Term Forex Trading Outlook:

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  • Dollar Index (DXC): Neutral price action over the last couple of days has been pretty sideways and labored.  No need to question the overall trend higher, but not really seeing a catalyst right now that gets me interested in being long dollar pairs.
  • EUR/USD: Neutral mirror opposite of DXC – I would not be surprised to see prices begin moving higher (corrective).  A break above 1.2275 could put that in motion
  • USD/CHF Neutral looks like 5-waves higher off th December 4th lows is in place – a modest correction lower towards .9765 seems in the works.
  • USD/SGD Cautiously Bullish looking for a modest move lower towards 1.3164-1.3117 before the uptrend resumes.
  • EUR/GBP Cautiously Bearish was the completx 4th wave triangle completed on the Dec 4th highs?  A break below .7830 would confirm that, however, we still might see one more modest leg higher before prices make a sustained move lower.
  • USD/JPY Cautiously Bullish with year-end approaching and growth slowing in Japan, continued QE seems likely.  Let’s consider this modest correction off the overnight highs as a way to get long.  I expect support in and around the 120.30 to 119.37 area.


Trade safe, and always have a plan.

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