Fire Sale On Tanger Factory Outlets Stock (SKT)

Real Estate Investment Trusts have performed very, very well in 2019 with the SPDR Real Estate ETF (IYR) rising 18.80% so far.

The Real Estate Sector has outperformed the S&P 500 Index which sits at 15.60%

There is one segment of the REIT market however, that has significantly underperformed and that is Outlet malls. Tanger Factory Outlets (NYSE: SKT) stock has dropped over 20% so far this year.

This is partly due to the Amazon story and the fact that retail stores seem to be closing down at a fast rate.

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When stocks sell off like this, volatility also shoots higher which means juicy option premiums for option sellers.

Implied volatility on Tanger Factory Outlets stock (SKT) currently sits at 29% which is fairly high for a REIT stock.

The stock price has been trending lower since Feb and I feel like it may bounce around the $15-16 level for a few months while it tries to form a base.

Selling cash secured puts is a great way to gain exposure to a stock and potentially take ownership at a lower price.

With SKT, traders could sell a $15 December 20th put for $1.00 while the stock is trading at $16.23.

Here’s how the trade looks:

If the put expires worthless, that results in a 12.74% p.a. return for the trader and there is a 13.74% margin for error.

If the option is assigned, the effective cost base on the position would be $14.

While it can be dangerous to try and catch a falling knife in a situation like this, long-term investors who see value in a stock can get paid to wait and potentially pick up a stock with a healthy dividend at a much cheaper price than it is trading today. Trade safe!

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