Euro: Now Trading At Its Most Oversold, Ever

eur/usd volatilityThe EUR/USD Selloff Continues Unabated, But A Historic Extreme In Short-Term Momentum Signals A Euro Relief Rally May Be At-Hand. 

EUR/USD tagged its lowest 14-day RSI reading ever (Since January 1999) today, signaling it is massively, historically oversold.

Past RSI prints near 20 are few; but where they have occurred vicious short-covering rallies aren’t far behind – no matter the monetary/fiscal policy regime – registering double-digit gains in a matter of 8-9 weeks. All three rallies noted in the chart below were preceded by a positive momentum divergence in which price eventually made a lower low as RSI put in a higher low. Between these price lows, strong intermediate corrective rallies of 7.1%, 3.72% and 3.32% occurred.


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EURUSD may continue much lower – to wit, I argued this looks like the most probable medium-term outcome in last weekend’s US Dollar and EUR/USD analysis – but can it do so without a Euro relief rally/dead cat bounce to reset momentum in the short-term and alleviate extreme COT positioning?


Trade ‘em Well.

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