Bitcoin Bullish Flag Breakout Points Higher

Now that Bitcoin has had a month to consolidate a bit it appears to be poised for a breakout to new highs.

The chart below highlights the classic bull flag pattern (also known as a pennant or triangle breakout) that has shaped up nicely.

The horizontal support just under $30,000 is shaped by multiple touches and rallies off that level; it is most visible by the bottoming tails in the daily candles. At the same time, Bitcoin made lower highs on its pullback depicted by the yellow down-trend line. As you can see in the diagram this is a classic lesson of support and resistance. This type of pattern gets me excited since I have a long-term position in Bitcoin.

The break point would be a move above the swing high of $35,000 which should be enough to send Bitcoin to new highs of $50,000 (projecting out via the -23% Fib retracement) should it stick.

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On a breakout move such as this, all pullbacks would be buyable and should accelerate on the way up. I wouldn’t be able to call myself a trader though if I did not specify a failure point. A move below $27,000 would likely send Bitcoin down to the low 20’s, something I wouldn’t be opposed to, but given the amount of institutional buying as of late, it’s not a highly probable scenario.

Bitcoin’s Recent Breakout – Chart Patterns

bitcoin bullish flag pattern breakout higher chart image january 29

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