Apple Stock (AAPL) Update: 3 Drives To A High?

The price action of Apple (AAPL) has been very harmonic and balanced.

Today, I aim to provide an update on where the most-watched (and most important?) stock may be headed next.

I have blogged about $AAPL here on See It Market several times.  Here’s a recap of articles:

Note that the targeted area for this wave completion was in/around 163-168.  Momentum pushed $AAPL just past that, but…

Apple (AAPL): Major Top Still In Play?

As you can see in the chart below we have a LOT of techniques pointing to very formidable resistance OR even a very formidable top in AAPL.

Here’s a list of technical considerations, in no particular order:

  • The ORANGE Elliott Wave count is still preferred.  It’s the count that’s worked for the past couple years.  Could this big ORANGE 5 extend –certainly.  However, let’s look at the form/proportion.
    • Big Orange 5 is 1.27*Big Orange 3
  • Note 1.27 is the square root of 1.618
    • The Big Orange 4 depth is equal to the move higher from Big Orange 3.
  • Shown is the “as above / so below” basic price projection technique
  • A very harmonic 3 drive to a top (shown by the blue triangles) is present w/ the time component of each drive shown a the top right of the chart pattern (next to the big 5)
  • Bearish Divergence present on the monthly chart

apple stock chart elliott wave forecast aapl top peak_april

Watch the coming weeks/month very closely.  A monthly/ weekly close below 167  would add probability of a major top in place. A MONTHLY close below 150 would be a strong confirmation and lead to a move that will, initially, target around 90 bucks.

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