Apple Breakout: Icahn Has Momentum

Apple breakoutIn his characteristically unassuming manner, Carl Icahn or some faceless desk lackey authored a his eleventh tweet (the entire tweet) Tuesday to an audience of untold millions about his new $1 billion stake in Apple (Symbol: AAPL). Given the dispassionate and benign nature of his prolific tweet volume historically 10 previous tweets – seven about Dell, one about July 4th, and tw0 about “CEO agitation” one could be forgiven for passing over Icahn’s post-facto disclosure of a 10-figure investment and the wholly forgettable statement accompanying it about the AAPL‘s “extremely” discounted value as unremarkable.

Apple breakout

Shockingly however, AAPL added +4.75% following Icahn’s tweet; and tacked on +1.82% yesterday.

Apple Icahn

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Perhaps this shouldn’t be so surprising, after all: Icahn states in his Twitter profile he makes money “studying natural stupidity”.

What better than to create a zero-net cost social experiment via an instantaneous, global communications medium and “study” its herd-driven effects on his PnL?

Not unlike Blackberry (BBRY) a few days ago, though: this announcement came at a technically opportune time.
Here’s AAPL on 08/12, poised to activate a clean Double Bottom above $465-$470 (click image to zoom):

Apple breakout

And two trading sessions later, the Apple breakout (click image to zoom):

Apple breakout

And lost in all the shuffle later?  The Apple breakout that occurred following the opening gap-and-fill on August 13th, preceding the tweet later in the session (click image to zoom):
Apple breakout


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