Top Trading Links: The Bull-Bear Fight Is On!

From a macro perspective, it was another uneventful week for stocks. The market continued to churn sideways with the S&P 500 Index (INDEXSP:.INX) ending up mostly flat for the week.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “never short a dull market”. Perhaps… or will the sideways action give weigh to a pullback?

Something’s got to give.  Look at that trading range!

s&p 500 index tight trading range chart_august 2016

Crude Oil surged higher by double digits. A bottom in crude oil is debateable, and bulls and bears will soon figure out if this is a fast and furious bear market rally, or a larger leg higher. OPEC meets in early September, so crude traders will need to get “technical” in the days ahead.

Elsewhere, gold is bumping up against major resistance and treasury yields are trying to show that they have a heartbeat. There’s lots of good reads this week so let’s dig in!



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The value of facing realityFarnham Street

The positive power of negative thinkingTony Isola

The power of touchBarking Up The Wrong Tree

Stop spending so much time in your head – Darius Foroux

Simple vs ComplexJosh Brown

Patience, patienceAdam Grimes

The four keys to emotionally intelligent tradingBrett Steenbarger

What Nick Saban can teach us about being focusedAndrew Thrasher


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