Stock Market Deja Vu? 2007 Bearish Divergences Showing Up In 2019

Chris Kimble
stock market correction year 2019 bearish divergences similar to year 2007 2008 financial crash

Key Stock Market Charts Show Bearish Divergences

Back in 2007, the stock market was partying all the way up to the beginning of the crash.

But in the background, some notable bearish divergences were forming on key stock market indexes.

Those indexes are shown in today’s chart – the Bank Index, Homebuilders Index, S&P 500 Index (momentum) and Junk Bonds – and they may be sending a bearish message to investors today.

All of these stock market indexes are important economic indicators, so investors would be wise to follow them.

And, as you can see in the chart, these key economic bellwethers are showing similar bearish divergences to 2007.

Deja vu all over again? If so, we could be in line for a significant decline. Stay tuned!

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