Gold Bulls Turn Up The Volume, But Timeframes Matter

The chatter around Gold – NYSEARCA: GLD – is growing as it trades above $1400/oz. Still, Gold bullish sentiment is nowhere near the fever pitch of 2010 / 2011.

The long breather / bear market of the past 8 years included a 40 percent decline and several fits and starts. This likely did a number on the “mom and pops”.

That said, Gold’s recent rise should set the stage for buyable pullbacks.

And the next pullback could begin in August.

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In the charts below, we discuss why. As well, check out fellow contributor Samantha LaDuc’s recent article “Prepare for Pullback In Gold, Then Relaunch – Just Like 2008“.

With the Federal Reserve on tap, we could see a quick continuation move up to 1480 / 1500. So be sure to understand your timeframe, and trade accordingly.

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Gold “weekly” Chart

A divergence is brewing. As Gold makes new highs, momentum is slowing. Also, we have a TD 9 weekly sell setup and precious metals investors getting bulled up (near-term contrarian indicator).

The good news is that the 10 / 40 week moving averages are headed higher. This should contain any near-term pullback to 5 or 10 percent.

gold price chart sell setup slow momentum correction concerns july 29

Gold “daily” Chart

Again, we see the slowing momentum and a bearish divergence. But, yet again, we see the rising 50 / 200 day moving averages as support.

gold price chart weak momentum correction concerns image july 29

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