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Chart Focus: Why The Small Caps Are Important To Watch

As I type this quick research note, the US equities markets are set to open lower. In fact, the last I looked, The iShares...
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Up/Down Market Volume A Near-Term Concern For Stocks

On Monday, I sent out the weekly market commentary and talked about the issue of taking the escalator up and the windows down. I...
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Is Cisco Stock (CSCO) Worth Buying On A Pullback?

Cisco … an amazing company with amazing technology! Unlike most of my posts where I have no earthly idea of the fundamentals involved in...
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Stock Market Trends Still ‘Up’ But Risk Increasing

Market Trending Indicators US Stock Market    Trending Up Canadian Stock Market   Trending Down US Bond Yields      Yields Trending Down   There is an old saying that a...
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Forex Trading Analysis: US Dollar Pairs In Focus

Here's a quick update on the Forex trading environment. The price action in the dollar based pairs suggests that some further consolidation/corrective action is underway. I...

Yahoo (YHOO) Topping Pattern Still In Play

A couple weeks back we discussed Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO - Quote) and the topping PATTERN that we saw emerging.  That PATTERN has been hit and...
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How Much Future GDP Has Been Stolen By Fed ZIRP?

A few months ago, an entity I’ve been associated with was contemplating a major purchase to replace an older piece of machinery. The current...
gold bulls vs bears

Is Gold Targeting $1270?

A little over a week ago, I put together a post on the outlook for Gold into year-end. What I found interesting about that piece...
aapl stock analysis

Apple Relative Strength Check: Yup, Still Strong

There's a lot of buzz around Apple's stock (AAPL - Quote) right now. Not bad timing heading into the holidays. And although Apple's products...
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Amazon Stock (AMZN) At Critical Time And Price Juncture

With Cyber Monday coming up, it’s a pretty huge time of the year for Amazon (AMZN - Quote). Interestingly, it’s also an important point...

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