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The Small Cap Out-Performance Gap is Closing

Small cap stock out-performance brings excellent opportunities as a function of most mature bull markets; and often characterizes the fantastic – if abruptly concluded – end-run of major legs in those markets.

Market Cap Relative Strength: Large Caps to Take the Lead?

Since the November 2012 lows, relative strength in market capitalization has been dominated by a bottom-up regime in which the smallest companies have performed...
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The Fed’s POMO Isn’t Really Driving Stocks Higher

"Don’t Fight the Fed" has become "The Fed won’t let stocks go down". Welcome to this market cycle’s "New Paradigm". Don't worry, bro: the...
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US Economic Data and Stock Market Report – September

by Greg Naylor     September was an uneventful month for US economic data, as well as the global capital markets. Stocks drifted higher after the...

Anemic Wage Growth May Soon Hit Consumer, Stock Market

The current "crisis" entails the government shutdown, the possibility of debt default, and the uncertainty of the default’s impact to GDP.  While many are...
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U.S. Government Shutdowns: A Mixed Bag For Equity Markets

From all of the media outrage, Facebook posts and political theater one would think that the government shutdown in Washington is the next thing to the...

Debacle, Revisited: 2011’s Debt Ceiling Debate

The US is now 2 weeks out from a true tag of its $16.394 Trillion debt ceiling.  For the past few months, the US...
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Deal or No Deal: Financial Markets Move On Without US Government

As the clock pushes past midnight, the US Government still is without a budget deal. But deal or no deal, the financial markets will...
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U.S. Economic Data and Stock Market Report For August

By Greg Naylor      August was an uneventful month for economic data, although worries about Syria probably crept into market behavior somewhat. As well, the...

Premium Price Bubble May Soon Hit Consumer Demand

On the very first day of Economics 101, you will see the below chart. This simple illustration identifies (in theory) the optimal price of...

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