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Tightening Fed Policy: Is A Smooth Exit A Sure Thing?

What factor is most responsible for the recovery Fed policy has - by most accounts - stimulated in financial (housing and labor also?) markets...
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Heads Up: It’s NFP Friday!

By Andrew Kassen Welcome to Non-Farm Payroll (NFP; a.k.a. "the monthly unemployment data) Friday! Excluding Central Bank rate decisions and the occasional errant twitter...
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Doc Copper: The Personal Physician to King Dollar

By Andrew Kassen Copper is often held up when analysts and commentators are having an "intermarket analysis" moment to bolster whatever argument they're...
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Stock Market Report and Economic Update: March 2013

By Greg Naylor     March was an eventful month, as the Euro zone dealt with another crisis, this time in Cyprus, and the sequestration went...
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February 2013 Stock Market Report and Economic Report

By Greg Naylor     February was an eventful month, as the U.S. government struggled unsuccessfully to avoid ‘sequestration,’ and Italy held elections with possible ramifications...
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Taking Stock of the Market: Will Dow Jones All Time Highs Change the Equation?

By Andrew Kassen     Hugo Chavez is dead. The late Venezuelan President’s body - lately succumbed to the ravages of cancer and a massive heart...

Retired Investors: Does The Department of Homeland Security Know Something We Don’t?

By Jeff Voudrie      Recent purchases of billions of rounds of ammunition and 1400 Armored Vehicles for use WITHIN the United States should cause retirees...
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January 2013 Stock Market Report and Economic Update

By Greg Naylor January was an eventful month, as the federal government extended most of the Bush tax cuts and delayed sequestration for two months.  In...
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December Stock Market Report and Economic Update

By Greg Naylor December was an uneventful month, as markets anxiously awaited resolution of the ‘fiscal cliff.’  The last week of December saw markets end the...
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A Roadmap for Responsible Government Spending

By Max Moore I recently started reading Santayana’s Curse by Sean Corrigan (of Diapason Commodities). In a few words, the book recounts various monetary pursuits over...

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