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What Deleveraging? Student Loans And Government Debt Surge

Both student loans and automobile loans made a fresh new high in 4Q15.  That shouldn't be viewed as "new" news.  Both these loans have been...
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Stock Market Futures Push Higher; Traders Await Yellen

A positive divergence eventually showed up in price action overnight as stock market futures jumped higher. The S&P 500 futures rose into resistance levels around...
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Stock Market Update: The Selling Continues

The S&P 500 has undercut its January 20 closing low of 1859 and is moving toward the January 20 intraday low of 1812. Concerns continue...
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US Corn Weekly Review: Renewable Fuel Standard In Focus

Last Monday Ted Cruz walked away the Republican winner of the Iowa caucuses, which was mildly surprising to some considering Senator Cruz’s well-documented opposition...
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The Consumer Debt Service Ratio Is Flawed: Here’s Why

Let us start with this simple example: We have a 10-person economy, and 7 people earn $2,000 with $5,000 in debt and 3 people earn...
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Crude Oil Futures Rally After Rout; S&P 500 Futures Struggle

Steep reversals yesterday and a test of lower support levels on the S&P 500 futures charts leave stocks somewhat vulnerable to selling this morning....
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The Bank Of Japan Sent The World A Warning Last Friday

Last Friday the Bank of Japan (BOJ), Japan's central bank, surprised the markets and enacted a negative interest rates policy. This stunning action follows on...
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Stock Market Futures Decline Into Key Price Support

Choppy trading in stock market futures marked Monday’s moves – with charts resting above resistance only to fade quickly overnight. News out of Europe and...
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Trading With The Trend: A Recap Of Facebook’s Earnings Trades

In trading, you often hear about how “the trend is your friend” and “don’t fight the trend.” The fundamental premise behind these maxims is...

Futures Market Outlook: Will Price Action Confirm The Rally?

The Index Futures Market - Big Picture  I always find it helpful to go back to the prior trading week and review the setups and what...

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