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Deal or No Deal: Financial Markets Move On Without US Government

As the clock pushes past midnight, the US Government still is without a budget deal. But deal or no deal, the financial markets will...
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U.S. Economic Data and Stock Market Report For August

By Greg Naylor      August was an uneventful month for economic data, although worries about Syria probably crept into market behavior somewhat. As well, the...

Premium Price Bubble May Soon Hit Consumer Demand

On the very first day of Economics 101, you will see the below chart. This simple illustration identifies (in theory) the optimal price of...
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Precious Metals Lower on Fed ‘Tapering’ Prospects

After a strong summer relief rally, the precious metals sector is back in the doghouse again. With the Fed on tap and budget talks...
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September FOMC Is Here: Brace for Market Turbulence

All is quiet on the western front as the markets prepare for the results of the September FOMC meeting and ensuing Fed statement. Reality is,...

See It Market: AM Equity Look – Friday the 13th

Get ready for a terrible, horrible and otherwise very bad day. It's Friday the 13th. Stocks come into morning trade following a weak showing in...
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U.S. Economic Data and Stock Market Report for July

By Greg Naylor      July was an uneventful month, with U.S. economic data continuing to send mixed signals about the economy's health. The market continues...
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U.S. Sovereign Debt Producing Less and Less GDP

Perhaps one of the most overlooked realities in the market is the law of diminishing returns. I ascribe it being overlooked to the boiling...
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Inside This Week’s Super-Charged Economic Calendar

You ready for the Boom?  Yeah, this week’s economic calendar has a lot of news to look forward to, both in the US and...
federal reserve, ben bernanke, fomc

Bernanke Births ‘Tapering’, But Timing Uncertain

By Chris Wrenn     Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve began easing with the goal of seeing the U.S. through a difficult economic landscape. By lowering rates and...

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