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China Biding its Time, Focusing on the Future

By Andrew Nyquist For much of the late 90’s and early 2000’s, China enjoyed the West’s addiction to low cost manufactured goods.  Western-driven demand spurred exports...
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Inflation Hitting Items you Love at your Local Supermarket

By Andrew Nyquist Last night I was interviewed by SmartMoney about the recent rise in food prices.  The article was published this morning and focuses on inflationary pressures showing up at your...

Occupy Wall Street: Another Call for Reform

Every election, we hear politicians tell us that we are in need of change, along with the 19 different ways that they are going...
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Interview: Take 5 with’s Noah Kass

By Andrew Nyquist He's talented, he's charming, and he's dedicated his life to helping those in need.  He's Noah Kass, Clinical Director of The Realization Center...
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Saying Goodbye to a Great One: Remembering Steve Jobs

By Andrew Nyquist Steve Jobs was an iconic leader.  Period.  And his loss is a big one.  Not only to those who knew and loved him,...

Kindle Fire is the Salt, You are the Baboon

Guest blog by Chuck Van Nostrand. There has been much talk about how the Kindle Fire is or is not an iPad killer. In my...
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Amazon Taking on Apple and the iPad? It’s All About Pricing

I was interviewed earlier today by SmartMoney on the Amazon Kindle tablet launch and asked more specifically for thoughts on the perception of the...
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Euro Bonds, Market Technicals, and Social Mood

By Andrew Nyquist A few high level thoughts for this week and the week ahead: 1)  Euro Bonds on the Horizon???:  Word out of Europe is Euro bonds may...

Remembering September 11, 2001

Remembering September 11, 2001 In loving memory of the fallen, their families, and our country.  Let us honor you today. September 11.
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Leadership in a Time of Crisis

With the threat of a dreaded double-dip recession looming on the horizon and unemployment promising to remain stubbornly high for the foreseeable future, the...

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