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all-time highs

Why Is the Market Playing Defense At All-Time Highs?

Yesterday we examined the medium and long-term outlook of the major US equity indices, laying out the thesis that the nascent weakness in the Russell...
trading options

Options Trading In Motion: The 1 by 2 Vertical Options Spread

Looks like a bit of a bounce this morning. I wouldn't make too much of that, though, as Tuesday is often a counter trend...
stock market correction

US Stocks: A Preface To The Impossible Correction

Despite a renewed pullback and fears of a deeper stock market correction following the reprieve in the beginning of last week, the highly uniform...
stock market correction

Common Characteristics Of Recent Stock Market Corrections

Watching and trading the markets thus far in 2014, it’s become quite clear to me that this isn’t the 2013 playbook anymore. 2013 was...
thumbs up

The Best Of See It Market – March 2014

On the surface, March appeared to come and go with little investor fanfare. However, when peeling back the onion, it was a much more...
technical analysis, stock chart analysis, stock charts, technical chart, chart analysis

Higher Interest Rates On Pause? 10 Year Yield In Focus

There has been a steady buzz about higher interest rates coming from the media and many institutional investors.  But are higher interest rates coming...
trading stock options

Market Masters: Ten Common Options Trading Pitfalls To Avoid

Too many new traders see stock options as lottery tickets, chips in a casino, or a path to getting rich quick. They are not....
bull and bear street signs, dow jones topping

April Seasonality: Strong and Weak Trending Stocks and ETFs

Over the past few months, I’ve been highlighting stocks and etfs that show strong seasonality trends. The posts have continued to get great feedback,...

Observations On a Year Spent Buying the Dip

Like few other times in history, US stocks have just enjoyed a year of exceptionally low volatility.  It was a period during which the...
etf Investing

ETF Investing: Uncovering Strength Amid Equity Turmoil

The last few trading weeks have surprisingly choppy with the market unable to make up its mind on a convincing direction.  The mornings are...

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