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stock chart analysis

Quick Take: Watching 1333 Closely

By Andrew Nyquist After hitting 1333 last Thursday, the S&P 500 reversed for 3 or 4 days. It looked like it was setting up for something...
stock chart analysis

Quick Take: S&P Holding Up Okay Despite Selling

By Andrew Nyquist With yesterday's whoosh lower, I sold my Double Short S&P 500 index fund (SDS) for a small gain.  It was a small position that I...
technical analysis, stock chart analysis, stock charts, technical chart, chart analysis

Technical Analysis 101: Defining Support and Resistance

This past weekend, I spent a couple hours doing some personal finance mentorship.  I always find the experience rewarding, as it is a chance...
stock chart analysis

Quick Take: S&P 500 Flirts With Support, Holding Thus Far

By Andrew Nyquist So is the index just catching its breath for another run higher next week to the 1340-1350 zone, or is this the beginning...
bull vs bear, bullish, bearish, investing risks

How and Why I Use Short Index Funds

By Andrew Nyquist Let me preface this article by saying that I have been actively investing for a long time, so please understand that using index...
bull bear market stocks

Quick Take: Weekend Market Update

By Andrew Nyquist The bulls are definitely going to spend the weekend pounding their chests.  And, to be fair, they have every right to be stoked.  Heck, the S&P...
bear market, recession, market crash, market bottom, uncertainty, stocks

Don’t Let Paper Gains Become Paper Weights

By Andrew Nyquist Hey, I'm bullish this year.  Yeah, I said it.  The market is technically in good shape over the mid term and heck, the financials are leading...
stock chart analysis

Quick Take: Dow Jones Technical Support Levels

By Andrew Nyquist Although the Dow Jones Industrials Average (DJIA) is looking a bit heavy of late and a pullback is probably coming sooner than later,...
bank stocks

Financial Fortune in 2012? A Closer Look at the XLF

By Andrew Nyquist With improving technicals and a lion's share of the downside priced in, the financials are showing relative strength.  And, although it is early...
stock chart analysis

Quick Take: S&P 500 Weekend Update

By Andrew Nyquist Well it's been a week of indecision and "grinding" for the markets.  Although the S&P 500 is slightly higher for the week, it...

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