Stocks & Bonds

3 Reasons For Recent Stock Market Volatility

The stock market has gotten off to a poor start in 2015 as volatility continues to pester stocks. As Chris Kimble noted yesterday, the...
etf Investing

An ETF Selection Methodology For 2015 And Beyond

Introduction In my mind, ETF selection is different from ETF strategy. ETF strategy requires choosing among different index methodologies and compositions to find the most...

5 Investing Lessons From The Russian Crisis

When we looked around the world at the end of 2014, there were some obvious and mature market trends in place. I say mature...
best of see it market

The Best Of SIM – December: The Return Of Volatility

The month of December saw on-time seasonal moves that dug a bit further both up and down during the month. But you wouldn't know...
apple - technology

Apple To Underperform In 2015? What This Means For IBM

The reason I enjoy price PATTERNS so much is that they are, literally, lines in the sand where you can make adjustments, enter positions...
precious metals gold silver bars

Precious Metals: A Fundamental Review For 2015

Gold and Silver started 2015 in positive territory, gaining 0.56% and 1.19% respectively. But there are plenty of fundamental headwinds facing precious metals heading...
bank stocks

Bank Stocks: Near ‘Make It Or Break It’ Point In 2015

It’s a known saying around Wall Street that “as the banks goes, so does the market.” The banks/financials lead the market up when it...
apple falling

Apple Stock Pullback: Price Targets And Levels To Watch

The two day selloff has put several stocks on notice. Right now, active investors should be doing two things: managing risk and preparing for...
stock market news

Gauging The Stock Market Into 2015: A Look At The Technicals

Since Q1 2009 the stock market has, to say the least, been on an absolute rip higher! Will this continue into 2015? Personally, I...
equities risks

Nikkei 225: Is The Hottest Equity Market About To Cool Off?

The past 2 years have been red-hot for Japanese equities. The best gauge of the Japanese stock market is the Nikkei 225 Index. And...

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