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S&P 500 Update: Technical A-B-C or 1,2…3?

By Andrew Nyquist Over the past several days we have witnessed a classic break down and backtest on the S&P 500 chart.  So what gives? And...

Chartology: S&P 500 Technical Update

S&P 500 annotated daily stock chart with technical analysis overlay as of April 18, 2012.  Price support and resistance Levels.  Backtest. SPX --------------------------------------------------------- Twitter:  @andrewnyquist and @seeitmarket     Facebook:  See...
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S&P 500 Near Term Technical Update

By Andrew Nyquist After cascading lower earlier this week, the financial markets have recovered nicely. In fact, so "nice" that the S&P 500 has retraced 50...
stock chart analysis

S&P 500: Stay Focused On the Technicals

By Andrew Nyquist On April 3rd I did a chartology on the S&P 500 in which I wrote: "Decision time! A sustained break above 1425 may...
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Fertilizer Stocks Offer Opportunity to Harvest Profits

By Adam Graham I have a macro thesis that's driven entirely by the perpetual and rapidly increasing growth rate in global population. I believe that with...
stock chart analysis

Chartology: Technicals Behind Amazon’s Bounce Higher

By Andrew Nyquist After clinging to long term support for over 2 months, Amazon (AMZN) was in do or die mode.  As early as February, pundits...
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Guest Reader Blog: Is 1500 on Tap for the S&P 500?

By Alex Salomon Some trading months are just blessed by the Gods. Ironic for an agnostic like me!  Take January 2011/2012: one could simply pick a...
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Wikinvest’s Portfolio Aggregator Worth a Look

By Joshua Schroeder If you are like me then over time you probably have accumulated various investment accounts with different brokers.  For example, I have an...
stock chart analysis

Quick Take: S&P 500 Eyeing 1375?

By Andrew Nyquist And here we are again eyeing that that all important S&P 500 toggle at 1375. The only difference this time is that we're looking...

Portfolio Positioning: What to do in the Months Ahead

By Joshua Schroeder The strength of the current stock market rally has been impressive.  The S&P is up nearly 10% for the year and nearly 30%...

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