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Quick Take: S&P 500 Nearing Resistance; Know Your Levels

By Andrew Nyquist Many investors, myself included, were caught head down trying to figure out just how low last week's down move would go.  This natural "herding"...
bull bear market stocks

The Current State of the Financial Markets

By Andrew Nyquist This past week has brought back the feeling of a falling knife.  Not a good feeling, especially if you are over invested.  The...
bear market, recession, market crash, market bottom, uncertainty, stocks

Quick Take: A Technical Look at the S&P 500, Fibonacci Style

By Andrew Nyquist I am working on a larger technical piece for tomorrow, but wanted to get something out there for the technical folks. Below is a...

Quick Take: Wait for Resolution on Apple (AAPL)

By Andrew Nyquist Apple, Inc. (AAPL) closed at 400 on Friday and is nearing its recent highs around 405.  This is quite a feat, considering the...
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Quick Take: S&P 500 Narrowing Wedgeline

By Andrew Nyquist After spiking and reversing this morning, the SPY added another focal point to the upper wedgeline.  Although bulls will be quick to point...
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An Amateur’s Approach to Investing in Uncertain Times

By Joshua Schroeder If you are an amateur investor like me, the last few years have presented market moves that are difficult to understand and even...
stock market, stock chart, technical analysis, investing

Five Stocks to Buy in September

The market has been a wild card of late.  Although the trend has been down, it's been a bumpy, volatile ride.  Each morning seems to...
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Ford Looking to Flex its Muscles

The financial crisis brought about tough times in the automobile sector.  Hearings, bailouts, restructuring, and layoffs were front and center in our homes and...
Financial Crisis, Recession, slow growth, stagflation, bear market

A Technical Look at the Major Market Indices

The past two weeks have been historic.  And that’s a nice way of putting it.  Watching the major market indices fall 15-17 percent in...
stock market, stock chart, technical analysis, investing

Anticipating Bottoms Can be a Dangerous Game

Yes, it feels good to say "Danger is my middle name," but when the financial markets move into correction mode, participants are best to...

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