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Weekend Market Update: What’s Next for Mr. Market?

By Andrew Nyquist Well, so much for the boring sideways market! Although some may have been caught flat footed on the direction of the move, most...
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15 Investing Lessons Learned From Playing Fantasy Football

By Ross Heart Sweltering heat giving way to cool crisp nights means the kids are heading back to school, but to many it also signals the...
stock market bull and bear, bull market

Options Basics: Writing Covered Calls for Protection and Income

By Brad Tompkins In our last article discussing Trading a Put, we saw how options can be used to protect against losses in a portfolio.  We’ll expand...
stock chart analysis

Weekend Market Update: The Return of the Big Boys

By Andrew Nyquist I’m bored. Yep, that pretty much sums up the market action over the past few weeks. Little pockets of volatility and beta, but...

Chartology: Gold (GLD) Prices Break to 5 Month Highs

Not to be outdone by its glitter twin Silver, Gold (GLD) followed suit, breaking higher to new 5 month highs while poking its head...
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Mid Caps 3 Peaks Similar to 2007 or Set to Breakout?

By Brad Tompkins There is no shortage of market predictions for the rest of 2012 and into 2013. I would rather not try to guess what...
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Using Momentum Bands with a Risk On Ratio Filter

By Brad Tompkins One of the difficulties using traditional Technical Analysis to make trading decisions is that there are times of imprecise signals. In those...
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Trading Ideas For the Week Ahead: August 27

By Alex Salomon As with the previous columns, let's review previous trade ideas/positions and preview the week to come. You can follow most of my real-time...
stock chart analysis

Weekend Market Update: In Pictures

Last weekend I wrote about near-term caution flags that may bring some backing and filling for the S&P 500. No, it wasn't a...
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Options Basics: Trading a Put

By Brad Tompkins In the previous article discussing Options Basics, we introduced options trading fundamentals and followed a sample Call contract trade. As a quick review, a...

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