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The Importance of the 1380 Toggle

By Andrew Nyquist Well the Fed has spoken again. And Gentle Ben has left every door ajar in hopes the market will party on: "the economy...
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Trade Setups: Understanding the Backtest

By Andrew Nyquist Simply put, a backtest occurs when a support or resistance area breaks and the price soon thereafter comes back to retest or validate...
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Is This Just Another Garden Variety Pullback?

By Andrew Nyquist Just as one should never be short a dull market, one should also be weary of being long a lullaby... Once you get hooked into snooze-control,...

Fabulous February Taunting The Ides of March

By Andrew Nyquist The 2012 global financial markets are roughly two months old and it's clear that the bulls are having their cake and eating it...

The Trading Diary: Don’t Sell Yourself Short

By Andrew Nyquist Have a trading secret? Least you can do is share it with yourself. Many traders develop temporary amnesia, shying away from the type...
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Quick Take: Crude Oil Ready to Breakout?

By Andrew Nyquist As much of the world continues to focus on Greece and the European debt crisis, tensions in the Middle East continue to boil. With much of Syria embattled...
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The Messy Art of Trading Around a Moving Setup

By Andrew Nyquist This is the part of the market ride that gets wacky. Folks fighting the tape (yes, cue the fingers at myself) start to...
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Will We See Yet Another VIX Divergence?

By Andrew Nyquist On February 3rd,  the VIX (Volatility Index) swooned to 16.10 while the S&P 500 hit new near term highs around 1345. Things began...
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What the VIX Is Telling Us About the S&P 500

By Andrew Nyquist Can't deny market strength here. But I certainly can sell into it/short it. What?  Yeah, that's right, I've been adding to my short...
stock chart analysis

Quick Take: Tempted by the Punch Bowl?

By Andrew Nyquist Are we there yet?  Are we there yet? Feels like an endless state of bliss. But partying at high altitude can be dangerous....

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