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crude oil prices rising

Crude Oil Looks Ready For Move Higher

Crude Oil has been sneaking up higher over the last few weeks and looks poised to break out to the upside.  Syria, Turkey, and...

Insights into Breaking a Trading Slump

Ever been in a slump? A bad one – a really bad one? If you’ve invested in the markets for an extended period of...
bull and bear street signs, dow jones topping

Russell 2000: Tiptoeing on the Edge

There's a whiff of panic in the air. Since small-cap stock benchmark Russell 2000 turned 1000 a month ago it has slipped into consolidation...
equity risk premium

Using Risk Metrics to Gauge Prospective Equity Risk Premium

Damodaran (2011) explained that there were three methods by which to calculate a prospective Equity Risk Premium. The first is to survey investors and...
trading options

My Twist on the Cash Covered Put Strategy

Hello, I’m back after my two week hiatus. For those curious about an amazing bike journey my wife and I made from Amsterdam to...
stock market bull bear

Market Masters: Short-Selling; Sell High, Buy Back Lower

By Madison Montana      One advantage of short-selling is that an active investor can be profitable in a rising or falling market environment. In uncertain markets...
emerging markets sign

Emerging Markets Performance Checkup: BRIC vs Ex-BRIC

When the terms “growth" or "growing economies” are mentioned, most active investors immediately think of emerging markets, such as the BRIC nations: Brazil, Russia,...

Corporate Profit Margins: A Different Take

One of the more useful (and apparently underused) tools I’ve stumbled on in macroeconomic analysis is the Kalecki Profit equation for evaluating corporate profit... Interview with Alex Bernal

Here is an interview that I recently did with, talking about my background, expertise, and thoughts on the financial markets. In the interview...
trader, investor, broker, financial, stress, rough day, tough day, stressed out, market participan

VIX Fear Near Recent Extremes as SPX Tests Support

The VIX (CBOE Market Volatility Index) has reached an extreme fear level, based on behavior this year, at the same time the S&P 500...

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