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S&P 500 Weekend Update: Technically Neutral

By Andrew Nyquist After pushing higher for much of the week, the S&P 500 took investors for a ride lower on Friday. Although the move lower...
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Investors Beware: Dividend Stocks Becoming a Crowded Trade

By Ross Heart If you are currently investing in dividend stocks, have invested in them, or are considering them, you may also be aware that...
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Trading Ideas for the Week Ahead: July 16

By Alex Salomon As I have written before in "Investment Lessons for Life," I strive to limit my number of transactions (and urge to trade all...
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Weekend Market Update: Technical Shakeout

Last week, I mentioned that the uptrend line may be a likely target for the S&P 500 as it heads lower, stating that it...
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Ford (F) Stock Nearing Critical Juncture

If you are looking for an economically sensitive stock, look no further than Ford (F). The European crisis coupled with global economic fits and...

Chart of the Week: Apple (AAPL) Surges Through Resistance

By Andrew Nyquist Last week, Apple (AAPL) surged through resistance at 590 and didn't look back. The stock was assisted by analyst earnings chatter and rumors...
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S&P 500 Weekend Update: Technical Breakdown or Low Volume Takedown?

By Andrew Nyquist Holiday weeks are typically lazy and full of directional drifts that tend to move upward. The key word here being "tend." This week started...
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Gold and Silver Holding Above Critical Support

By Andrew Nyquist Last week, both Gold and Silver bounced off major support lines and thus far the bounce has been strong. But bulls shouldn’t let...
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S&P 500 Weekend Update: 1363 Looms Large

By Andrew Nyquist Well it's Friday and Wall Street is busy finishing up yet another wild week of "As Europe Turns." And you know what that...
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Understanding the Basics of DeMark Setups

I receive many questions about DeMark setups as they arise from time to time in my technical charts. As I've stated before, I really...

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