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Are US Small Caps Now The Place To Be?

Many market pundits were noting the significant underperformance of US small caps a month ago. The benchmark Russell 2000 (RUT) peaked in early 2014,...
market pullback

McClellan Oscillator: Studying The Next Market Pullback

The melt-up of the last two weeks has carried most indices from steeply oversold to overbought on their daily timeframes at a rate denoting...
keep it simple

Trading The Trend: Keep It Simple

68 Wall Street - those were the days. If you know your history of the US stock market, on May 17, 1792, the stock market...
market leaders

Weekly Chart Scan: Using Discipline To Find Market Leaders

The story of a leadership stock doesn’t begin or end with a story of its fundamental profile or how it broke out from a...
options trading sign

Market Masters: How To Manage An Iron Condor Trade

For many professional option traders, iron condors form the basis of how they generate monthly income. Iron condors are a strategy that allows you...
v-bottom rally

Why The Latest V-Bottom Rally Is Bearish

It's difficult to argue against the opinion that the latest "v-bottom" rally in US equities has more force and bullish swagger about it than...
bullish or bearish stocks

Evaluating The Small Caps Rally: What’s Next?

For much of 2014 the Russell 2000 (RUT), which represents small caps stocks, has underperformed. This highlighted a move to safer risk assets, such...
interest rates explosion

30 Year Treasury Bond Study: Is The Bull Market Over?

Turn back the clock to September 2007. In the build up to the Federal Reserve rate meeting that month, very few saw a half...
stressed out trader

Market Masters: Trade The Chart, Not Your Heart

“Man, I wish I’d gotten out of that trade when price dropped under that support level.” Does this sound familiar? Have you ever let a...
bullish stock market

2 Charts Revisited: The Put Call Ratio And VIX Term Structure

Back on October 7, I wrote this piece that focused on two bearish indicators and I said we could see some near-term weakness in...

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