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Exxon Mobil (XOM) Stock Chart Update

By Andrew Nyquist Since I last covered the Exxon Mobil (XOM) breakout back in September, the stock has pulled in, retesting the breakout level around $85. To...
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Exposing the VXX: Understanding Volatility Contango and Time Decay

I have been analyzing this market anomaly for some time now and am glad to be able to showcase my findings here on See...
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S&P 500 Technical Update: Key Levels

By Andrew Nyquist The rubber band was stretched too far. Similar to sentiment getting too negative too fast, price fell too far too fast. On November 16...

Copper Weakness a Wait and See Game

By Andrew Nyquist Since the late 2011 highs, Copper has shown relative weakness to equities... and for that matter, to almost everything else on the trading...
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Market Analysis: Trend Health May Indicate September Inflection Point

By Sheldon McIntyre Over the last couple of weeks I have been rethinking my bullish working thesis and in particular, the importance of September 2012. The...
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Apple Stock Rally Keying Off 60 Minute RSI Divergence

By Andrew Nyquist There's been plenty of weekend speculation about Apple (AAPL) and it's late Friday rally. Some are speculating that it's a lasting bottom, while...
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Facebook Stock Powers Toward Gap Magnet

By Andrew Nyquist In early October I penned an article about the negative sentiment surrounding Facebook (FB) and how stock pricing tends to account for what investors...
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Bank Stocks Searching for a Bottom

By Andrew Nyquist Technically speaking, the Bank Index (BKX) has been weak for some time. We had the September/October double top tails followed by a weak...
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Emerging Markets (EEM) At Key Price Level

By Brad Tompkins The Emerging Markets ETF (EEM) closed at a pivotal price level yesterday,  just below its 2 month range and between the 50 and...
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Apple Stock Bouncing but May Be Eyeing Late November Bottom

By Andrew Nyquist Well, the Apple (AAPL) has fallen from the tree. The recent "bear" plunge from over $700 to $533 has been unrelenting and torturing for...

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