us dollar in vice grip

Rare Territory: The US Dollar Towers Above Its 200 Day SMA

The US Dollar Index turned vertical into 2015, touching as high as 95.86 over the past week. But the recent rise has also pushed...
us dollar rally

3 Charts That Point To Exhaustion For Dollar Rally

The U.S. Dollar Index has been on a tear since last year, rising nearly 21 percent since the rally began. I recall speaking to...
uncertain investor

Global Macro Roundup: Navigating The Market Chop

There have been several global macro crosscurrents over the past several weeks that have highlighted the financial markets uncertainty. In 2015, investors have seen Gold...
gold performance world currency symbols

Gold Performance Snapshot: Why Currency Markets Matter

Often times, investors get caught up in valuing an asset in the world's reserve currency: The US Dollar. This makes sense as it's the...
us dollar currency

US Dollar Chart Pattern: CounterTrend Move Imminent

The US Dollar Index has made a big move higher since mid 2014. The world's financial landscape is changing, and several markets, including the Forex,...
global financial markets

The Week Ahead: Navigating The Global Financial Markets

Ready for another week of market action? There's plenty of moving parts here and the long holiday weekend in the U.S. makes for an...

Today’s FX Pairs Spotlight: Follow That Dollar!

Traders, half the battle is choosing the best technical set-ups and FX pairs poised to move the most for the move you are expecting....

Euro Searching For A Bottom: Will The ECB Deliver?

The EURO vs US Dollar fall from grace has been, for all purposes, relentless. Economic indicators continue to be weak as investors anxiously await...
financial markets investing

Top Trading Links: Making Sense Of 2015!

Hi all, each new year brings growth and change.  New for 2015 is a weekly link fest sharing some of the best reads and...
us dollar power

Is A Dollar Takedown Nearing? Clues From Gold, Forex and Commodities

The US Dollar is strong and it's been that way for a good part of 2014. Last summer we saw the beginning of the current...

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