us dollar in vice grip

US Dollar Chart: Is A Deeper Pullback Coming?

The US Dollar Index has been flexing its muscle since last summer and is up over 20% in less than a year. When putting the...
investor skiing

Top Trading Links: Putting The Markets In Perspective

It’s a critical time for market participants to keep an open mind. That aphorism is sage advice, to an extent. When trades and markets...

Why The Euro May Be Headed Higher In The Weeks Ahead

Over the past several weeks, the Euro has been attempting to put in a tradable bottom. In this post we'll look at how that...
emerging markets sign

Emerging Markets (EEM) At Critical Juncture: Implications Abound

After a rough 2014 that carried over into early 2015, the Emerging Markets ETF (EEM) have finally begun to show some strong relative strength...
best of see it market

The Best Of See It Market – Zig, Zag, Rinse, Repeat (March 2015)

March was a tricky month for active investors, as the exhuberance from February dwindled after the first trading day of March. Since that time,...
us dollar in fist

US Dollar Declines On US Jobs Report: What To Watch

The US Dollar decline accelerated this morning following the release of the March Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP) report - better known as "the jobs report"....
investor at stock market top

Top Trading Links: Is A Market Top Forming?

What an ugly market week for the markets. Momentum took a hit again, prompting more concerns about a developing market top. There’s not much we can...

The Euro Stabilizes At Bottom Of Bear Channel

The Euro has been oversold for many weeks now. And that goes to show you how oversold can become more oversold for traders trying...
us dollar in vice grip

Inside The US Dollar’s Big Drop And What To Expect Next

What a move we saw in the US Dollar Index (DXY) on Wednesday. It was the biggest decline in the US Dollar ETF (UUP)...
gold mining nuggets

The State Of The Gold Bear Market: Sentiment Sinks

Three and a half years have passed since Gold peaked at $1923.70 per ounce, reminding investors that the other side of exuberance can be...

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