crude oil prices rising

Quick Take: Crude Oil Ready to Breakout?

By Andrew Nyquist As much of the world continues to focus on Greece and the European debt crisis, tensions in the Middle East continue to boil. With much of Syria embattled...

Technically Speaking: The Long and Short of Natural Gas

By Andrew Nyquist "Man this investment is painful" and "NatGas is feeling like paper cuts today" are two quotes from recent conversations I've had with a friend...
stock chart analysis

Quick Take: Oil Services May Provide Opportunity

By Andrew Nyquist The markets have melted down since breaking the bottom edge of the flag / pennant formation.  Overnight futures indicated a rough start to the week,...
stock market, stock chart, technical analysis, investing

Quick Take: Gold (GLD) Prices Pushing Up Against Resistance

By Andrew Nyquist After a fast and furious run of higher prices in June and July, Gold topped out and fell 20 percent, prompting many analysts...
silver, bullion

Deflationary Debt Fears Weighing Heavy on Silver Trade

By Andrew Nyquist The buildup to 2011 was downright bullish for precious metals. Each and every passing day brought to light new and deeper economic cracks....
gold and silver bars, precious metals

MetalMania: Playing Gold’s Fool

Two weeks ago, Greece was headlining the news.  The S&P 500 was resting on its 200 day moving average for the second time, and...
stock market, stock chart, technical analysis, investing

See It, Market: Gold and Silver Under Pressure

While the markets have used quarter end and the 200 day moving average as a springboard to greener pastures, Gold (SPDR Gold Trust: GLD) and...
stock market, stock chart, technical analysis, investing

See It, Market: Brace for More Commodity Volatility

Fueled by easy soft dollars and a recovering global economy, the commodity sector has been the place to be for much of the past 2 years. ...
stock market, stock chart, technical analysis, investing

See It, Market: Is a Dow Non-Confirmation Looming?

The trend is your friend until, well, it's not.  Simple as that.  So, how do we protect ourselves against a market turn?  This is...
dance party, gala, ball, ballroom, dance, inflation

Silver Tech, In Pictures

Trick or Treat?  Or should I say, Party On!  With each passing day, silver's run looks and feels more and more like the Y2K...

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