bank stocks

Bank Stocks: Near ‘Make It Or Break It’ Point In 2015

It’s a known saying around Wall Street that “as the banks goes, so does the market.” The banks/financials lead the market up when it...
apple falling

Apple Stock Pullback: Price Targets And Levels To Watch

The two day selloff has put several stocks on notice. Right now, active investors should be doing two things: managing risk and preparing for...

USDJPY: Will This Reversal Pattern Trigger A Pullback?

The USDJPY currency pair has been a great momentum play for currency traders over the past 2 years, as it has risen from the...
stock market news

Gauging The Stock Market Into 2015: A Look At The Technicals

Since Q1 2009 the stock market has, to say the least, been on an absolute rip higher! Will this continue into 2015? Personally, I...
equities risks

Nikkei 225: Is The Hottest Equity Market About To Cool Off?

The past 2 years have been red-hot for Japanese equities. The best gauge of the Japanese stock market is the Nikkei 225 Index. And...
ibm computers sign

Why IBM Stock May Reverse Higher In 2015

It's been a tough couple of years for International Business Machines (IBM) investors, as the stock has struggled to find a bottom. And it's...
shiny gold bars

Gold Futures Update: Choppy With 1033.40 Target Still Valid

The past two months have seen Gold prices trade in a range of $1130-$1230. And after slipping a bit this morning on a Greek...
utilities sector investor

Is The Utilities Sector Sending A Broad Market Signal?

The Utilities Sector (XLU) really took the reins this past week as the market leading group. Check out the chart below showing XLU's performance...
stock market uptrend

Russell 2000 Signaling More Strength For Small Caps In 2015

The small caps have slowly creeped higher since bottoming in October and are now bumping up against annual highs and threatening to breakout. The...
stock market price movement

Copper Prices Falling Into The Buy Zone

Copper prices continue to fall as pockets of the global economy continue to slow and deflation concerns have risen. I recently posted about the...

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