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Russell 2000 Fast Approaching Next Downward Turn

Evidence continues to build suggesting that stocks have shifted into a bear market. In that environment, traders often find it tempting to look for...
stock market futures march 1 chart

S&P 500 Futures Rally As Prices Retest Resistance

The March 1 outlook for S&P 500 futures shows price resistance dead ahead. An impressive overnight rally under negative divergence greets us this morning. 1948 –...
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Big Market Reversals Happen At Yearly Pivots (Chart Review)

A few months ago I wrote an article here on how yearly pivots tend track the major market reversals each year. So far in...
bull bear market street sign

S&P 500 Weekly Update: Why $SPX 2000 Is So Important

The stock market remains fairly volatile with most of the price gyrations to the upside of late. As I have written many times, intermediate-...
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Stock Market Futures Mixed: Traders Eye Key Price Level

February 29 stock market futures are mixed after having a big expansion into significant resistance during pre-market on Friday. Thus far, we have retraced...
man holding japanese yen currency symbol

Why The Japanese Yen Could Take U.S. Stocks For A Ride

If you search my blog for “YEN” you’ll find that I’ve put a lot of interest and work around understanding the relationship that exists...
bull or bear stock market

This Stock Market Indicator Could Signal More Pain In 2016

A Chilling View for those with 20/10 Vision At 720 Global we follow a large number of fundamental and macroeconomic indicators to help forecast the...
traders analyzing trading screen

S&P 500 Futures Rally Higher Into Thick Resistance

The S&P 500 futures chart has rallied nicely into resistance as expected. However, the S&P 500 futures rally has occurred with little market interruption...
bull bear stocks

S&P 500 Chart: Bulls And Bears Battle At Key Market Level

There is just one fly in the ointment of the thesis that a tradable bottom is in and that the current stock market rally...
stock chart trading stocks

S&P 500 Futures Head Lower Into Price Support

The February 24 stock market futures outlook shows the S&P 500 futures heading lower into key support. S&P 500 futures broke its rising wedge on intraday...

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