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Yearly Pivot Points Track Major Turns In The Market

It's very common for markets to have a pullback. It's also fairly common for markets to have a correction.  Throughout time we've dealt with common downturns,...
intermarket analysis arrows higher lower

Spotting Market Tops With Intermarket Analysis

With the (very) old bull market in the U.S. equities about to complete its seventh year, there is rampant speculation regarding when and how...
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The Morning Report: S&P 500 Trading Levels For November 30

The chart of the S&P 500 Futures (ES_F) is approaching a prior high from premarket on last Thursday under negative divergence. This is usually...
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Stocks Headed Higher? Watch These S&P 500 Guideposts

Prove It To Me Market As we outlined in last week's video, the “return to the year of the whipsaw” action in the S&P 500 over...
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The Morning Report: S&P 500 Futures Support 2075.75; Resistance 2092.5

The S&P 500 Futures ($ES_F) chart begins a third day of range bound activity between 2075 and 2092. We should have a week of thin...
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Weekly Stock Market Outlook: Climbing A Wall Of Worry

What We Are Watching This Week’s Stock Market Outlook: Stocks Ready to Climb Wall of Worry – Skepticism in the strength of the broad market, geo-political...
bullish stock market

Russell 2000 Index Rally Could Reach 1200 Pivot Level

After a sharp decline last week, the stock market has recovered with a relentless rally this week. And this has translated into a strong...
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The Morning Report: S&P 500 Levels And Trading Trajectories

Good morning and happy Friday. Time to look at some important S&P 500 levels and analyze the current price action. A bounce off yesterday afternoon...
bull market chart stocks climbing higher

The S&P 500 Rally May Continue Into Thanksgiving Week

After a sharp decline last week, stocks got off to a fast start this week.  On Monday, all of the major stock market indices...
traders analyzing trading screen

The Morning Report: S&P 500 Support 2068, Resistance 2089

Another early morning stall at resistance greets us today. Formations are bullish but tired so I suspect a pullback into support regions before a...

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